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Debbie -

Thank you so much - we love your place, and it was a pleasure to spend the weekend here!

We all, by the way, felt that you undersell the Lodge on the INternet!  It is so much more spacious, beautiful and comfortable than we ever imagined.

Thank you again,

Ann and Bob Brooks - Ohio


Dear Cedar Ridge Family and Friends -

I must tell you what a wonderful experience my husband and I had boarding our 2 Appaloosa mares, Windy and Misty, at your facility for nearly 10 years.  We relocated to the Berlin area in 1997 and were looking for a boarding facility for the horses that was close to our new home with the facilities we were used to having in the Chicago area.  We sure got more than we were looking for when we found your farm!  After looking at several places and finding them lacking, it was like coming home when we drove down your driveway for the first time.

Windy arrived in May 1997, and having been a "stall-kept" horse for whole her life up until then (she was 4 years old then), I don't think she knew what to make of all that green grass, available all day long!  It took her a couple of months to settle in completely and make friends with the rest of the mare herd, but once she was comfortable, she blossomed into a wonderful, confident, trail loving horse.  She learned that deer were there to be chased, hay bales in the field were not cougars, and gallops through the soybean fields were FUN!

Misty, Windy's daughter, arrived in July 1998, at age 2.  She had a much easier transition and LOVED being out in the pastures with all her girlfriends!  As she matured over the years, she and Windy became the "co-bosses" of part of the mare herd - no one messed with their hay pile!

And while Windy and Misty found their places in the herd, Bill and I found great friends in the Averys, Otts, and many of the boarders.  What a "family" we became - and still are!  There was my 6-year stint as Office Manager for Cedar Ridge, in addition to the fun shows, pot lucks (LOTS of pot lucks), trail rides, training sessions, and commraderie helping with all the "little" things that happen around a stable (putting up hay, helping with chores, and moving manure, to name a few).  Many hands make light work, so the saying goes, and we sure made that happen (except for maybe putting up hay - that is NEVER light work, no matter how many people help!).

One of the best things about boarding at Cedar Ridge was the care and concern that was provided to Windy and Misty while Bill and I were out of town.  We head south for a couple of months every winter, and it was so comforting to be able to just leave and not have to worry about how the girls would be cared for while we were gone.  There was always a knowledgable barn manager, along with ample, quality hay, clean and fresh water, and a clean stall to come in to after a day in the pasture.  I never had a moment of worry!

Even though Bill and I made the decision to no longer be horse owners in 2007, our connection to Cedar Ridge is still strong.  As coach for the Ripon College Equestrian Team's english riders, I get to share my many years of riding lessons with wonderful young women and men who also have a passion for horses.  And I still get to ride with Mary Avery, since her horses ALWAYS need exercise!

Thank you, Cedar Ridge, for all the wonderful years!


Bill and Karen DePue, Berlin, Wisconsin